Typical Criminal Case Timeline

Criminal offenses are always serious matters and you need to have an experienced attorney by your side. If you are looking for criminal defense lawyers in Maryland, the Thompson Legal Group can help you.   While every court and judge is different, the following is a general summary of what you should expect in this… Read more »

Can You Avoid Deportation After Being Arrested?

Immigration law is highly complex. If you are like most undocumented persons living in the United States, then you have a justifiable fear of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. An arrest can lead to your deportation. But your removal from the country is not automatic. Immigration dispute lawyers in Maryland are experts in defending… Read more »

Can A Non-citizen Be Deported Because Of A DUI Conviction?

If you are a non-citizen in the United States, it is extremely important you follow the laws of the land. Fearful of being deported? Should you find yourself convicted of a crime, such as a DUI, you could face the prospect of deportation. Should you be in this situation, it will be crucial you have… Read more »

Most Common Reasons a Citizenship Application is Denied

One of the most common forms that the United States Immigration Service receives is the Application for Naturalization (Form N-400), which is a citizenship application. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the application can be denied.   To mitigate the possibility of denial, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable immigration attorney instead of attempting… Read more »

Charged with Drug Possession: What to Expect

Most law enforcement agencies take a dim view of those who are in possession of illegal drugs. Though you may not think of this as a major problem, it’s something that can have a huge impact on your case. The Maryland criminal defense lawyers at Thompson Legal Group have noted that most individuals charged with… Read more »

DUI Penalty After a First Offense

If you are convicted of a DUI in Maryland and it is your first offense, there are various penalties that you may face. If you are convicted of a first offense DUI, then you face up to 1 year in jail and a minimum of $1000 in fines. You could also lose your driving privileges for… Read more »

Maryland Immigration Law FAQ

Undoubtedly one of today’s most misunderstood topics in the United States is immigration. It’s an area of complexity. As a result, it is vital to keep current on whatever changes to federal and state laws may affect your situation. Whether it’s issues related to employment, education, receiving of public benefits, or voter rights, these and… Read more »

When to Apply for an Adjustment of Status (& How a Lawyer Helps)

For many immigrants, the ultimate goal is to become a permanent resident or citizen of the United States. Though this is what many aspire to achieve, it should be known that there is a process to go through to get an Adjustment of Status. If you are considering applying to become a permanent resident, it… Read more »

The Immigration Process: What to Expect While Applying

If you are interested in moving to the United States, you may have heard about the immigration process and how complex it can be. While it is true that it can involve many parts, it can be easier for you as an immigrant if you seek legal advice on everything you need to do. Our… Read more »