immigration paper work in the middle of pandemicThe Covid-19 pandemic disrupted millions of people’s access to critical legal services. Were you in the middle of immigration paperwork when Covid-19 struck? You may now find yourself at a loss of how to continue with your case.

It is critical that you avoid taking matters into your own hands and trying to resolve it yourself. An immigration attorney in Maryland can assist you with your case. Thompson Legal Group is available by phone and virtually to access your unique case.

Virtual Teleconferences

Thanks to modern technology, you can now meet with your lawyer through teleconferencing rather than in person. You can download and use apps like Zoom or Skype to meet virtually with your attorney so that you can continue with your paperwork. Your lawyer can discuss your case, get key information from you, and build a case that you can take to immigration court when hearings begin again.

Your attorney can also send you paperwork that can be completed and sign through email. You can now electronically sign some legal documents so that you do not have to have them couriered to your home or go out of your house to meet with a lawyer. The court will accept e-signatures just as well as it would accept signatures that you write by hand.

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic raging on, you can still get your immigration case handled efficiently and professionally. You do not have to fear that your visa will expire and that you will be deported.

To continue on with your case, however, it is critical that you make use of available technology. Contact the Thompson Legal Group to find out what your options are for finishing your case.

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