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Yes, obtaining a green card is possible even if you have a prior criminal case. The outcome depends on various factors, such as the details of the case, its resolution, the nature of the charges, and other related considerations. Consult0ing with an attorney is crucial to confirm your eligibility and prevent any sudden self-exclusion from consideration.

A past criminal case, particularly one involving a crime of moral turpitude, can affect your visa or green card application. The impact largely depends on the unique circumstances of your case and how you address it in your application. It’s important to seek counsel from an attorney when pursuing a visa after a criminal charge (even if it’s been many years since you were charged) because your eligibility could depend on understanding and explanation of your history. While a previous criminal case may present challenges, legal guidance can assist you in navigating the process and exploring potential pathways for approval

Criminal Defense

If you are arrested, it’s essential to understand your rights. This includes your RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, receiving information about the charges filed against you and the steps involved in the prosecution process– among other rights. Consulting with an attorney is critical to understand your legal standing. Speaking with a legal professional is vital to safeguard your rights and effectively navigate the complexities of legal procedures.

Every individual who is arrested is entitled to a bail hearing. It’s a fundamental right for anyone taken into custody. If, for any reason, you are not released pending your initial hearing, you may have the option to request another one. For detailed information on the bail process and to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your legal situation, you should consult with an attorney. They can offer valuable guidance to help you navigate the process effectively.

 In criminal court, there are two main categories of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are considered less severe, resulting in shorter jail sentences or fines. Conversely, felonies are more serious offenses that can lead to longer prison terms. While this division is generally based on the seriousness of the crime, it’s worth noting that some misdemeanors can still carry substantial jail time, which can be confusing.

Crimmigration Law

If you are not a citizen of the U.S., even if you have a valid green card or visa, it is crucial to work with an immigration lawyer at the beginning of your criminal defense case. This is because of the serious immigration consequences that can arise from the outcome of your criminal case.  Unlike the average criminal defense attorney, immigration lawyers understand the ways a criminal case can affect your immigration status. Many people have mistakenly ignored their immigration status while facing criminal prosecution only to find, sometimes years later, that the outcome in their criminal case created a major, often avoidable, immigration problem for them–even as grave as deportation.

The best time to address or protect your immigration status is during your criminal defense case. You must approach your criminal defense attorney’s suggestion to postpone dealing with your immigration status with caution. While your criminal defense attorney is well-versed in criminal law, they usually do not fully grasp the complexities of immigration law. Consulting with an immigration attorney alongside your criminal defense attorney is the best way to protect your immigration status once you have been accused of a crime. Neglecting immigration issues during a criminal case can result in severe consequences, including deportation. Make sure to carefully evaluate your unique circumstances and potential outcomes before making a decision.

Avoiding jail time through a plea deal in a criminal case does not guarantee immunity from deportation or immigration-related problems. Individuals have faced immigration challenges even after resolving criminal charges favorably, such as serving probation instead of jail time. Immigration authorities can later initiate deportation proceedings based on charges from the criminal case. Immigration problems can arise months or even years after your criminal case concludes. Therefore, it’s essential to take into account the possible immigration consequences. Consulting both a criminal defense attorney and an immigration attorney is advisable to navigate these complexities effectively.

Having a Green Card doesn’t guarantee protection against deportation for a criminal or traffic case. Immigration laws are complex, and the outcome depends on your specific circumstances. Every non-citizen should collaborate with an Immigration Attorney and a Criminal Defense Attorney to tailor a strategy that safeguards their immigration status while seeking a positive outcome in their criminal case. This approach addresses the unique complexities of each situation effectively

If you are a non-citizen facing criminal or DUI charges, it could result in deportation. The outcome will be determined by various factors, including your immigration status, the type of charges, and the case’s implications. It is a complex situation, and the consequences can vary. Therefore, it is best to seek guidance from an Immigration Attorney who can provide legal insights and help safeguard your immigration status. They can assist you in understanding your specific risks and situation and provide the necessary support to protect your legal status.

The consequences of a DUI/DWI conviction on your immigration status can vary based on your specific immigration status and the details of your case. For instance, a green card holder facing a single non-aggravated DUI charge that doesn’t result in jail time may experience minimal impact on their status. However, for individuals with different immigration statuses like TPS or DACA, a DUI could be enough to lead to the revocation of their status. The evaluation begins with your immigration status and then considers the consequence of your criminal defense case. If your status is at risk, a strategy can be developed to help you navigate the situation and work towards preserving your immigration status.