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At Thompson Legal Group, a leading Maryland law firm, we help you with your legal needs, specializing in immigration, criminal defense, and DUI/DWI cases. We simplify the visa application and support individuals aiming for a better future in the U.S. We also address racial biases within the system and are committed to providing clear, accessible legal representation aligned with your interests.

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Empathetic Advocacy and Legal Expertise

Empathetic Advocacy and Legal Expertise

Thompson Legal Group is a criminal defense firm led by a highly skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland who prioritizes the well-being of our clients in our mission. With over a decade of experience handling criminal cases, our commitment is to safeguard your rights and advance your goals when the situation demands it. We highly value transparency and compassionate communication combined with legal expertise. Our dedication to outstanding client-centric service underscores our loyalty to ensuring you receive the support and advocacy you need throughout the legal proceedings.

Legal Counsel in Maryland

Thompson Legal Group is determined to deliver the best possible outcomes across all our practice areas with our strong legal expertise, practical problem-solving, and professional integrity. Recognized as one of the best Criminal Defense lawyers in Maryland, our commitment is to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Assault Defense
We specialize in delivering skilled legal defense for assault charges.

Theft and Shoplifting
Our expertise also covers theft and shoplifting cases, where we provide a robust and efficient defense.

Drug Possession
Count on us to provide competent legal representation in drug possession cases.

Disorderly Conduct and Property Destruction
We excel in navigating cases involving disorderly conduct and property destruction charges.

Forgery and False IDs
We provide legal representation for fraud, counterfeit IDs, and false identification cases.

Prostitution Defense
Our specialization lies in defending clients facing prostitution charges.

Welfare Fraud
We adhere to strict standards, ensuring top-tier representation for your defense.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges
Our legal assistance is tailored to both felony and misdemeanor cases.

Traffic Offenses
We offer comprehensive legal defense services, from DUI/DWI to minor traffic violations.

Criminal Defense for Non-citizens
Trust us to provide legal counsel customized to address the distinct challenges non-citizens face in criminal cases.

Client-centric Legal Excellence at Thompson Legal Group
We prioritize building authentic client relationships and maintaining transparent communication throughout your legal journey. When dealing with important decisions that can significantly affect your life, you deserve legal representation that actively listens, conducts thorough investigations, and provides the most favorable solutions.

We are a leading Maryland Criminal Defense Law Group that puts your well-being first, and our relentless commitment to seeking justice for our clients is what defines us.

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Our certified expertise and comprehensive knowledge provide excellent defense representation and top-notch service.

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If you are facing criminal charges, you require legal representation. You can trust Thompson Legal Group to be your dependable partner in handling the complexities of your legal situation. Our Maryland Criminal Defense professionals are ready to assist you, protect your rights, and work toward the best resolution for your case. If you are searching for a “Criminal Lawyer Near Me,” we are available to offer the necessary legal representation.

Don’t leave your future to uncertainty! Reach out to us now to secure trustworthy top-tier legal representation.

Common Steps in a Criminal Case

  • An arrest occurs when the individual accused of a crime is taken into custody by law enforcement.
  • In Maryland, the arrestee must be brought before a judicial officer within 24 hours of arrest for an initial appearance.
  • At this initial appearance, the judicial officer will inform the accused of the charges and advise the accused of his/her right to counsel.
  • In Maryland, the accused has 10 days to ask for a preliminary hearing if his/her case involves felony charges.
  • At a preliminary hearing, the prosecution has the burden of proving that the evidence is sufficient for the felony charges to go forward.
  • Discovery is the pretrial process by which the prosecutor and the defendant exchange information and material about the case.
  • At the completion of discovery (when all the evidence has been turned over), the defendant must elect whether to go to trial or plead guilty.
  • Instead of going to trial, a defendant may plead guilty pursuant to a plea agreement. A plea agreement is an agreement that the defendant will plead guilty to the original charge, or to another charge, in return for a concession from the prosecutor.
  • A trial is a proceeding during which evidence is presented for a judge or jury to determine whether the accused is not guilty or guilty. In a criminal trial, it’s the government’s job to prove the case. The accused is presumed innocent and is not required to present any evidence or prove anything.

If you need an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer fighting on your behalf, contact us today for a complete review of your case. We believe in holding the government to its burden and will fight for your rights!