visa validityThe Immigration process can be complicated for those that lack legal counsel. Questions surrounding employment, living circumstances and investments are common. When understanding how visas work in the United States, there are several issues to consider. The Thompson Legal Group can help you successfully navigate the U.S. immigration system.

What Exactly Is A Visa?

A United States immigration visa is for an immigrant who plans to permanently live in the United States. Once the immigrant has entered the U.S. with this visa, they can then be granted permanent or conditional residential status. A “green card” and an immigration visa are not the same. If the immigrant receives permanent residency, they can obtain a green card.

Since an immigration visa is considered a temporary pass that allows an immigrant to enter the United States for a specific period of time, this time can run out. Knowing all the options that are available is best done through an immigration law firm in Maryland that can properly explain the legal process.

How Long Is A Visa Valid For?

An immigration visa is usually valid until its expiration date. There are reasons that a visa can be canceled or voided. An immigration law firm in Maryland can help determine what to do if a visa has been voided or canceled in a relatively short time period depending on the case.

Common reasons for an immigration visa to be canceled or revoked include paperwork mistakes (even minor mistakes can cause cancellation), overstaying or criminal activity. The Thompson Legal Group can help to extend an immigration visa.

How To Extend A Stay

Extending an immigration visa involves filing a request with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. While these extensions can be filed online, they must be accurately filled out with precision. Every detail counts in the legal system and paperwork that is not filed correctly can result in a denial of services.

To qualify for an immigration visa extension, there are several factors to consider. Lawful admission to the U.S., the time an application is filed for an extension and how long a passport has been valid. For more information on how to handle the immigration process, contacting Thompson Legal Group can successfully guide you through the process.

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