guy arrestedIf you find yourself in the middle of a criminal matter, the prudent thing to do is to immediately contact an attorney to handle your case. Immigrants and non-U.S. citizens arrested for a crime should seek the help of an experienced legal professional who has a proven track record.

Thompson Legal Group serves clients across the state of Maryland. They are specialists in criminal and immigration law. They provide their clients with the highest quality of legal representation to help you during this critical time. It is not advisable that you attempt to handle an arrest on your own. Most people are likely not prepared to even consider representing yourself in a DUI case or any other criminal matter. The legal system is complex and can be overwhelming without proper legal counsel.

The law firm has a premier staff of immigration lawyers in Maryland. They have a sterling reputation in the practice of immigration law. Their team of attorneys has many decades of cumulative experience. Thompson Legal Group is highly rated by their clients. The firm has served thousands of satisfied clients. With their proficient legal expertise, immigrants who are living in or around Maryland are able to obtain the most formidable legal defense. The attorneys aptly help you to fight the criminal charges that were imposed upon them.

You can call the office anytime day or night if you are arrested for a crime. Thompson Legal Group is a full-service law firm. Their phones are answered 24 hours a day. They will schedule an appointment for a consultation for you to discuss your case with a lawyer. As immigration lawyers in Maryland, the firm handles all matters that relate to immigration law. They work on your behalf, and they are on your side. The staff is genuinely concerned about every client they serve and do so with the utmost level of integrity.

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