felony charges will get you deportedWhen you are in the country on a visa, you must take every care to obey the law. Even the smallest infraction can result in you being detained, jailed, and then deported back to your home country. Once you are deported for breaking the law, it can be difficult or sometimes even impossible to gain re-entry to the U.S.

When you are an immigrant facing felony charges, you need to find out if you will be deported if you are convicted. You can defend yourself in criminal and immigration courts by hiring one of the immigration lawyers in Largo MD from the Thompson Legal Group to represent you.

Arguing Your Case in Court

Your lawyer will be instrumental in asking the court for leniency in both convicting you and deciding if you will be deported. Many felony convictions result in immigrants being deported. The criminal justice system would rather eliminate risks to the public’s safety than allow convicted felons to remain in the country.

Even if you get convicted, you can still ask the court to allow you to remain in the country after your release. Your lawyer can establish your connections to the community, show that you have family in the state and that you intend to avoid committing crimes in the future.

Proving Your Innocence

If you are innocent of the charges against you, it would be unfair for you to be deported. Your lawyer can work to establish your innocence in court and also argue that you are not eligible for deportation since you did not commit a crime. You could have the charges against you thrown out of court and be allowed to go free.

You can find out more about the possibility of you being deported because of felony charges against you by hiring one of the immigration lawyers in Largo MD. Contact the Thompson Legal Group today.

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