felony chargesIf you find yourself charged with a felony, it is a situation you should never take lightly. Much more serious than misdemeanor charges, the consequences could impact you and your family for the rest of your life. No matter the crime for which you are being charged, it will be critical you do everything possible to beat these charges. To do so, you should always consult with criminal lawyers in Largo Maryland at the Thompson Legal Group.


If you are convicted of felony charges, you will definitely serve time behind bars. However, this will not be in your local jail. Instead, it will be in a prison, and you will be there for a minimum of one year, and most likely far longer.

Fines and Penalties

Along with being sent to prison, the court may issue fines against you or order you to pay restitution to your victims. In most instances, these monetary penalties can add up to many thousands of dollars, making it imperative you immediately hire criminal lawyers in Largo Maryland from the Thompson Legal Group to handle your case.

Loss of Professional License

If you happen to be in the medical, legal, or other fields where you are required to be professionally licensed, a felony conviction will probably result in the loss of your license. As a result, you may no longer be able to resume your career once your prison sentence is completed.

Inability to Own a Firearm

For a convicted felon, owning a firearm is no longer allowed. Should you be convicted of felony charges and found to be in possession of firearms, you will find yourself facing an array of serious charges.

Rather than let a felony conviction ruin your life, discuss your upcoming case in greater detail by scheduling a consultation with criminal lawyers in Largo Maryland at the Thompson Legal Group.

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