criminal cases during pandemicThere are certain things that simply are too important to stop functioning just because of the threats of COVID-19. The legal system must carry on doing what it does because there has to be the rule of law in this country. The Thompson Legal Group continues to move forward with its cases and do the best that it can under the circumstances.

A Rash Of New Cases

Some areas have seen a rash of new cases as violations of “stay-at-home” orders have been classified as a misdemeanor in some areas. Those caught violating these new laws can be dragged before the court now to face up to what they have done. It is important that these laws be enforced lest there be a free-for-all in regards to these rules. A Maryland criminal lawyer who used to work on other types of cases may find herself dealing with many of these cases now.

Criminal Cases Already In Motion

Obviously, there were plenty of criminal cases already in motion before COVID-19 started, and those cases must still carry on in some capacity. A Maryland criminal lawyer will be quick to point out that the defendants in those cases have the right to a speedy trial. This means that the courts really need to do what they can to hurry these proceedings along as best as they can.

The Thompson Legal Group is prepared to make sure that the Constitution is upheld in such cases and that all defendants receive the proper representation that they are entitled to and that they deserve regardless of COVID-19. Everyone still gets to keep all of their Constitutional rights even in the middle of a pandemic. That is important to recognize, and that is the only way that we can continue to function as a society.

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