hiring criminal defense attorneyHiring a criminal defense attorney may be essential in protecting your constitutional rights and defending against the allegations. A criminal defense attorney can represent you in a case and will strive to achieve a result that is just. If you are facing criminal charges, then criminal lawyers in Largo Maryland from Thompson Legal Group can help.

When should you bring a criminal defense lawyer to your case?

You should seek out the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can represent you at any phase of the case, including during an investigation before formal charges have been brought. By seeking out an attorney early on in your case, you will be able to invoke your rights and make it more difficult for charges to be pursued.

A lawyer can be present if you are questioned about the case. If you have been arrested, then an attorney can argue for a reduction in your bail or a release on your own recognizance. Maryland criminal lawyers can make discovery requests to obtain information about the evidence that may be brought against you. This will allow an attorney to identify and raise any potential defenses.

In court, an attorney can make an argument for your behalf. They can call and cross-examine witnesses and present your defense in court. An attorney will seek to negotiate with the prosecution for a result that is fair under the circumstances.

By working with Maryland criminal lawyers, you will understand your rights and the options available in your case. You will have an advocate on your side who will seek to utilize the law in such a way as to benefit you.

For help and defense against criminal charges, contact the criminal lawyers in Largo, Maryland from Thompson Legal Group. We will seek to find a way to help you with your situation. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case.

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