The Immigration ProcessIf you are interested in moving to the United States, you may have heard about the immigration process and how complex it can be. While it is true that it can involve many parts, it can be easier for you as an immigrant if you seek legal advice on everything you need to do. Our immigration attorneys in Maryland work with clients who are interested in coming to the United States or who are already here who want to explore other options. Though each case is different, there is a general expectation of how cases are processed and what usually happens when they are filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). At the Thompson Legal Group, we can answer all of your questions about immigration procedures.

The General Immigration Process

When you are new to immigrating to the United States, a petition is filed on your behalf to allow you to obtain a visa. Once in the U.S., you can apply to extend your status for that amount of time allowed for that particular status. While there is more information for each, that is generally how you can continue to have your status.

When a petition is submitted to the USCIS, you are given a receipt notice to show that your case has been received and it has a number you can use to check the progress. If the USCIS determines that they need more documentation before they can make a decision on the case, they will request it. Once that information is received, the case will either be approved or denied.

Immigration attorneys in Maryland are critical to your immigration process because they can explain the document request from the USCIS. They can also show you what will happen next if your case happens to be denied. If you are in need of an immigration attorney, contact the Thompson Legal Group. We can assist you with all steps in the immigration process.

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