changing immigration statusIf you have reached the point where you have fulfilled the necessary requirements for a green card, you may be ready to adjust your immigration status. Applying for permanent residency is a major step in securing your ability to be able to lawfully remain in the United States, so it is important to ensure that the process is handled with accuracy. Our Largo Maryland immigration lawyers assist clients in this matter by providing legal expertise as well as submitting the application on their behalf. An immigration law firm in Largo, like the Thompson Legal Group, will guide you through the process, answering all of your questions and concerns when your application is being prepared, submitted, and pending with the United States government

Applying for Permanent Residence

When you adjust your immigration status, it means that you plan to remain in the U.S. in a more permanent way. This permanent resident status allows you to be able to live and work here for the duration of the validity of your green card. The application process involves a number of parts that require documentation and personal information from you. Our Largo Maryland immigration lawyers will give you a list of what you need to provide to them so that they can assemble your application for submission. Once everything has been completed, signed, and submitted, attorneys will monitor its progress and inform you if any other documents are requested by the government. Finally, once the application is approved, a lawyer can tell you what the next steps are.

At Thompson Legal Group, we understand how important your permanent resident status is which is why we prioritize how we handle cases. Our team of professionals are thorough and will answer any questions you have. Let us help you adjust your status so that you can remain in the U.S. Contact our office for a consultation.

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