immigrant charged for a crimeAs deportation cases increase in the United States, there are a number of immigrants who want to know if they are susceptible to being removed from this country. One concern that some immigrants have is if they can avoid being deported if they have been convicted of a crime. There are a number of complexities involved with determining if someone will be deported, so this should be discussed with an attorney at a Largo Maryland immigration law firm. Immigration attorneys in Largo will need to consider many factors before they can advise if you can avoid being deported. The Thompson Legal Group has the expertise to further advise immigrants in this situation.

What Are the Criminal Grounds for Deportation

When a judge decides if an immigrant will be deported based on a criminal conviction, the type of crime that was committed is taken into consideration. Crimes of moral turpitude, those that involve larceny, fraud, or the intention to hurt someone or something, or aggravated felony are grounds for deportation. Specifically, the following crimes are examples of those that can lead to removal:

Crimes of Moral Turpitude:

-Assault with the intention to rob or kill
-Domestic violence
-Driving under the influence in an aggravated manner

Aggravated Felony:

-Drug trafficking

How to Avoid Deportation

While there are a number of crimes that can deem a person deportable, there are times when there are exceptions to the rule. The exceptions are intricate and require legal knowledge to claim on behalf of an immigrant. Immigration attorneys in Largo will use how the law describes these exceptions to prove to a judge that an immigrant shouldn’t be removed.

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