ice raidsImmigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) raids have recently increased and it’s difficult to know when and where they will happen. Given that there is so much uncertainty related to how these raids are conducted, immigrants should be prepared in the event that they encounter ICE agents. Largo MD immigration lawyers at the Thompson Legal Group advise that immigrants know their rights so that if they are involved in a raid, they’ll know what to do.

What is an ICE Raid?

When ICE conducts a raid, they are seeking to find immigrants who may be undocumented in an attempt to deport them from the United States. ICE agents will typically enter a home or workplace, ask for certain parties, and arrest and take them to a detention center. These raids generally include multiple people being arrested and taken away from their families. ICE agents will also ask a series of questions to the immigrants during the raid and can even demand that a home or workplace be searched for information.

What to do in an ICE Raid?

If you are involved in an ICE raid, the most important thing you can do is to be aware of your rights. When you speak to an attorney at an immigration law firm in Largo, they will advise that you remember what you are able to do in these situations to protect yourself. Largo MD immigration lawyers at the Thompson Legal Group state that you should:

-Not open the door if you don’t feel comfortable
-Ask to speak to a lawyer
-Know that you have the rights against searches that are unlawful
-Know that you don’t have to sign any documents
-Remain silent

The best way to prepare is to have an attorney if you are an immigrant who may be subject to an ICE raid. At the Thompson Legal Group, our professional immigration law firm in Largo will make sure that you are equipped with the information you need to protect yourself and your family. Contact us today!

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